An Endicott student’s guide to taking classes during COVID-19

Although Endicott is committed to conducting as many live, fully seated classes as possible in the Fall, you may also hear the terms remote synchronous, remote asynchronous, hybrid, hybrid/seated, etc. around campus. No doubt you will take at least one course that incorporates one or more of these course delivery models. Here’s what they all mean.

Fully seated: Just like the name says, all students and the professor will be live in the classroom, while observing social distancing measures and wearing PPE. The classrooms around campus have been given new seating capacities based on the CDC safety requirements so that everyone is at least 6 ft apart and there will be safety stations either in class or outside in the hall with wipes, masks, hand sanitizer, etc.

Hybrid/seated: This may be used when the class enrollment exceeds the room capacity or members of the class are quarantined or cannot attend class in person for some reason. The class will be split into cohorts and each cohort will attend at least one fully seated class session per week, while the other cohort either participates live on Zoom (synchronous) that same class period or complete coursework and assignments online via Canvas, Youtube, etc. (asynchronous) and then alternate days with the other cohort.

Remote synchronous: Everyone is live on Zoom or other web conferencing app and no one is seated in the classroom. This is the model we went to after Spring Break when classes resumed remotely this past spring semester.

Remote asynchronous: The entire class is conducted through Canvas and there are no actual class meetings either live/fully seated or remote synchronous (e.g. Zoom).

Students seated/faculty remote: This may happen when a professor needs to be quarantined and cannot be in the classroom, but students need to be in the class in order to use equipment or access other specialty items that are only available in that classroom (e.g. science labs).

Tips for taking classes during COVID-19