Netiquette- 9 Tips for using webconferencing tools in class

Netiquette (download)

#1 Set up a Workspace Find a space where you can focus without distractions.  If possible, work in a separate room with the door closed.  Or, find a corner you can set up in to focus for the time online. Please do not log in if you are in a car or other moving vehicle.

#2 Use earbuds or headphones if you have them – This will improve sound quality and also make anyone who might be nearby happy because they will just hear your side of the conversation.

#3 Dress appropriately – Wear the kind of clothing you would wear for an in-person class.

#4 consider your Background – Think about what shows up behind you on the screen. Do your best to have a simple background – a wall, bookcase etc. – that is neutral rather than personal. To avoid a strange silhouette effect, don’t sit with your back to an uncovered window or bright light.

#5 use Audio Mute – Keep your audio muted when you are not speaking.   When you want to speak, turn off the audio mute a second or two before you start speaking.

#6 use Video Mute – If for some reason you need to step away from the meeting, press video mute so that your screen goes to your name, photo, or initial until you unmute.  If you have a slow connection, using video mute might improve the transmission.  Finally, if you are uncomfortable engaging with video, using video mute still allows you to participate in the session.

#7 Understand the chat function – Both Zoom and Google Meet have chat functions.  Anything you write in chat is visible to anyone in the session.  Engaging in side chats may not be private.  Keep in mind that the person running the session may or may not be monitoring chat or able to answer questions on chat while also facilitating.

#8 Understand the screen share function – Both Zoom and Google Meet allow participants to share their screen.  As a participant, you can share your slides, document, or other materials that are on your computer with the group.  Clicking on the wrong part of your laptop can lead to sharing of material you would prefer to keep private.  Be sure to close any private materials and personal messaging before engaging in a session.

#9 Ask about connecting with only Audio – While participating with audio and video is preferred by most, logging on with only audio is an option.  Talk to your professor about this if you prefer audio only, especially if you have trouble with internet reception.